GitHub remodels work space

Forget dank, windowless basements cluttered with tangled wires, empty cans of energy drinks, and greasy pizza boxes. Driven by a mandate to be more inclusive, GitHub’s newly redesigned headquarters reimagines the coder dens we’ve come to expect in Silicon Valley.

The architects behind the redesign explain that their primary goal was to “soften the harsh, masculine feel” of the open-source coding platform’s 32,000 sq. ft. San Francisco office. While GitHub’s previous space was certainly stylish—complete with all the expected quirky accoutrements of a thriving tech startup—it was unmistakably designed for bros. There was a “Rat Pack” room, a saloon, and the obligatory game room. There was even a motorcycle hanging from the ceiling.

Rapt Studio, known for designing handsome corporate offices, successfully deleted GitHub’s design bro-isms in three moves:

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May 2, 2018

Anne Quito