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Mozilla Cuts RSS Support in Firefox 64

October 15, 2018

by Liam Tung


Firefox maker Mozilla will kill off support for RSS and Atom feeds in this December’s release of Firefox 64.

Along with dropping RSS and Atom syndicated-feed support, Firefox 64 will no longer contain the Live Bookmarks feature for subscribing to RSS feeds, nor the feed-preview feature.

Instead of maintaining built-in RSS support, Mozilla believes users should install RSS-reader Firefox add-ons.

“After considering the maintenance, performance and security costs of the feed preview and subscription features in Firefox, we’ve concluded that it is no longer sustainable to keep feed support in the core of the product,” wrote Gijs Kruitbosch, a Firefox front-end developer.

“While we still believe in RSS and support the goals of open, interoperable formats on the web, we strongly believe that the best way to meet the needs of RSS and its users is via WebExtensions.”

Mozilla’s support page for Live Bookmarks now contains a link to a page detailing feed-reader replacements for Firefox.

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