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WebKit rendering engine vulnerability

A security researcher has discovered a vulnerability in the WebKit rendering engine used by Safari that crashes and restarts the iOS operating system used by iPhones and iPads.

The vulnerability can be exploited by loading an HTML page that uses specially crafted CSS code. The CSS code isn’t very complex and tries to apply a CSS effect known as backdrop-filter to a series of nested page segments (DIVs).

Backdrop-filter is a relative new CSS property and works by blurring or color shifting to the area behind an element. This is a heavy processing task, and some software engineers and web developers have speculated that the rendering of this effect takes a toll on iOS’ graphics processing library, eventually leading to a crash of the mobile OS altogether.

Sabri Haddouche, a software engineer and security researcher at encrypted instant messaging app Wire, is the one who discovered the vulnerability, and published proof-of-concept code on Twitter earlier today.

Click here to read the full article on ZDNet

Algorithms: keeping up with Google

Algorithms are continuously changing.

So when someone asks “How can I get my site to rank well” or some variation on this question there really is no good answer because the algorithms have various requirements. Sure back in the 1990s it was pretty easy. Continue reading

GitHub remodels work space

May 2, 2018

Forget dank, windowless basements cluttered with tangled wires, empty cans of energy drinks, and greasy pizza boxes. Driven by a mandate to be more inclusive, GitHub’s newly redesigned headquarters reimagines the coder dens we’ve come to expect in Silicon Valley.

The architects behind the redesign explain that their primary goal was to “soften the harsh, masculine feel” of the open-source coding platform’s 32,000 sq. ft. Continue reading