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Making web theming and maintenance easy.

Did we appear on your credit card statment?

Communicator Communities processes all of the billing for the and Brokers Network websites, this was formerly handled by Fuller-Ross Adveristing, Inc.

Not in the same City, State, or Country?

Not a problem.Most web design can be done over the phone and by e-mail. You submit the content and let us worry about making it look good. You review all content and design work before it goes "live" giving you time to have input from collegues and friends.
Communicator Communities is not an SEO company so if you want to worry about your ranking we recommend utilizing Google Analytics or similar tools depending on which search engine you wish to target and improve your ranking. You simply tell us your keywords that you have targeted in your content and we will place those in your meta tags. We are happy to explain how the search engine registration process works but beyond that you are on your own. Most search engine registries will confirm your identity based off of your Who is site data.

Aside from designing the theme (look and feel) for your site we are happy to help keep it up to date by applying the platform and plugin updates and upgrades. If you are in need of web hosting we will be happy to help arrange that as well.

Why You Should Work With Us

We design web site themes for business brokers that are members of Brokers Network Group ( site and site). 
We are happy to announce a new benefit for our Brokers Network Group web site participants. Take a look and see if you would like to have your own web site. The cost for a web site similar to these is a flat design fee of $250.00.

The type of Content Management System (CMS) platform that we recommend is WordPress. We will be happy to set up a WordPress site for you. This platform needs to have not only a web space for the site but a SQL server to host the database. This type of site must be maintained with security updates and upgrades to the platform.

If you would like to look at a series of sample themes please click the link below.

ViewSample Sites

What is involved?

You will provide the content for your site. We will work together to give your site the look and feel that best suits you. You may have a many pages as you like. The look of the site is determined by your theme, which is what we will be building. As a result each page of your site will look the same and provide continuity to your site. WordPress is already a mobile friendly platform so your site will appear as needed on mobile devices.

Are there reoccurring costs?

It depends on if you wish us to maintain the site by performing monthly platform and security updates. If so this will be done at a rate of $20 a month per site. The site will use an SEO plug-in and you will select the keywords for each page of your site to help with rankings. 

Communicator Communities will maintain a back up copy of your site. If your site were to ever become corrupted, we can immediately reload it to the net. If you need hosting this can be arranged for as little as $6.50 a month. This can be added to the quarterly credit card charge for your Brokers Network Group membership.

HTML and WordPress

Site designs are our specialty. Content management is as easy as cut and paste. We know that as a business broker you are busy and don’t want to spend hours on your web site. Write up your content in Word and then simply copy and paste it into your site. Or just attach the document to an e-mail and sent it to us to add to your web site. There are multiple ways to keep your site content current and together we can find the option that works for you.


Projects are never ending. These range from testing out various SEO strategies to building sites for clients.  Personal projects are often testing out new site structures to determine stability and flexability.


The "Technology News" is a compilation of helpful articles writen by us along with links to articles of possible interest written by professionals. If you find these helpful please feel free to let us us know.